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We don’t have to tell you, but the world of technology is ever-changing. Every day is full of software updates, platform rebuilds, and updated designs. That fast-paced change has drastically altered the technological landscape since ConnectSMART launched 15 years ago. Thriving in an ever-progressing landscape requires forward-thinking, and while ConnectSMART is still a powerful tool even by today’s standards, we’re not looking at today’s standards. We’re looking at tomorrow’s.

Businesses today need more than business intelligence data. They need intelligent business intelligence data. Tools that will take the available data and visualize it for you, prioritize it, and make it actionable. Fast. More on that later…

When Dan Martin, the President of ConnectSMART, approached us about joining forces to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) take their business intelligence to the next level, it was an easy decision. Together, we decided to sunset ConnectSMART and encourage users to move to Resplendent Data. Resplendent offers the same data visualization benefits as ConnectSMART, with a more modern architecture, added customization options, and an aggressive growth trajectory.

The Benefits of Resplendent Data

Out with the old and in with the new. Well, sort of.

ConnectSMART is closing down and partnering with Resplendent to usher in a new wave of impactful data, including Dan joining the Resplendent team. Instead of rebuilding ConnectSMART from the ground up, partnering with Resplendent allows users to enhance their company data and embrace new, vibrant insights. 

Resplendent provides real-time, accurate data insights that elevate your business. With enhanced dashboards and the ability to connect virtually any data source, you have the power to view and understand powerful data insights. 

Here’s a quick dive into how Resplendent Data is the magically amplified business intelligence data tool you need:

Real-time data access

With 60-second refresh rates, your dashboards give you (literally) down-to-the-minute data and information at no additional cost. How does that compare to the competition? Their fastest data refresh rates are the same as our failure indicators.

Robust filtering

Resplendent dashboards leverage a simple, graphic interface to build complex queries—including “contains” and global filtering—allowing users to view specific data insights more efficiently, all without sacrificing performance. You can also view data insights filtered by tech, location, and more. 


Resplendent allows you to share your dashboards with others using shareable links. The shared dashboards can be filtered version of the main dashboard so that team members or clients view information specific to them.  Making changes to the dashboard that’s been shared automatically updates and refreshes all of the shared versions of the dashboard. 

Data manipulation

If everything else wasn’t enough, this is where Resplendent shines above the rest. Instead of being limited by predetermined metrics and data insights, Resplendent allows you to manipulate and connect data streams before they reach the dashboard to provide more profound and personalized insight. This means you can connect data points across sources to give you the most accurate and actionable business intelligence.

Not only do we help manage your data by connecting and capturing data from numerous applications and centralizing them, but we also work to bring newfound insights that deliver meaningful data to your business. With Resplendent Data, you can access a centralized database of all your business data to create personalized dashboards with real-time updates, unmatched accuracy, and features that deliver the right information to run and grow your company. 

Seeing is Believing 

Often, new technology over-promises and under-delivers. That’s not the case here at Resplendent Data. 

If you want to see the power of Resplendent Data in action (trust us, you do), schedule a demo using the link below, and we’ll walk you through how the dashboards work and their increased benefits. If you really want to be impressed, you can sign up for a free Resplendent trial and we’ll do the demo using your own data.

When all is said and done, we’re excited to have the expertise of ConnectSMART and Resplendent joining forces. We can’t wait to see the impact it will have on your business.

Ready to see your data in action? Schedule a demo here:

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