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Have you ever gone grocery shopping to find that your favorite snack or trusted cleaning product is no longer in stock? You might find yourself scrambling to grab your phone to search for a replacement or causing a traffic jam trying to figure out which brand of chips will best replicate the strong hold and proper shape of your missing favorites. 

When a trusted software makes big changes, it can leave you with similar feelings. As ConnectSMART changes to combine with Resplendent Data, our focus is ensuring your experience doesn’t leave you lost or feeling like you need to shop around. 

What’s New

As we mentioned when we introduced ourselves, Resplendent is here to usher you into a new world of dashboards with outstanding new features, including flexible filtering, data manipulation, custom integration requests, and more. 

Our dashboards and advanced features will deliver your business the data it needs and elevate it to something magical. Our expertise lies in helping you manage your data by connecting and capturing data from numerous applications, centralizing them, and working to bring newfound insights that deliver meaningful data to your business. 

Advanced Filtering

Resplendent dashboards maintain the idea of simple graphic interfaces used by ConnectSMART… with upgraded capabilities. Resplendent dashboards allow users to build a broad range of queries, ranging from simple to as complex and flexible as you need, including “contains” and global filtering. 

These options allow users to view specific data insights more efficiently without sacrificing performance. Additionally, users can view data insights with more general filters such as tech, location, user, and more. 

By focusing on complex filtering, Resplendent dashboards go above the average dashboard and allow your business to target specific insights that can be put to work by driving business activity in real time.

Data Manipulation

Creating profound and personalized insight on your dashboard is where our dashboards turn magic into reality. 

Instead of being limited by predetermined metrics and data insights, your business can now manipulate and connect data streams before they appear on your dashboard. With this, you become the wizard (oh hello, Harry) of your data and can manipulate and connect data points across sources, giving you business intelligence tailored to your precise needs. 

Refresh Rates

Being accurate is essential in making the best decisions for your business. And so is being fast. We can offer you the best of both. Our dashboards boast 60-second refresh rates without sacrificing accuracy or costing you more money to access them. 

These are just a few of the outstanding benefits and upgrades that Resplendent is bringing to the table. However, we know changes can bring uncertainty. So we’re providing ConnectSMART users with hands-on support throughout the process. 

White Glove Transition Support

How often is there an opportunity to receive support one-on-one with the experts behind the scenes? 

During the transition period for ConnectSMART users, Dan Martin will be overseeing the move and providing one-on-one support. From the moment you sync your ConnectWise account to Resplendent, we’ll guide you through the entire process of creating your account and setting up your dashboards. Not only will we help you recreate the dashboards you’re used to seeing, but we’ll also show you new data insights other MSPs are already benefiting from.

What will happen to your existing dashboards?

These changes might leave you wondering what is happening to your current dashboard options.

ConnectSMART provided users with prebuilt dashboards that allowed you to get up and running within minutes. Resplendent offers the ability to replicate those same dashboards with additional capabilities to create different versions of those dashboards for specific functions and roles within your team.

As part of the transition, we’ll make sure you have access to the same insights you’re used to seeing. And then some.

See it in action

Leaning on our words can only go so far. We’re firm believers that the proof is in the pudding with our product. Seeing how powerful our dashboards are will make you a believer. To see the magic in action, schedule a demo using the link below. We’ll walk you through the entire process with direct support from our experts. 
Schedule a demo here:

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