Your guide through an ocean of data.

There’s no shortage of business intelligence data. It’s everywhere. In fact, overabundance of data is part of the problem.

We’re here to solve that.

Our Story

Real-time, actionable data is actually real. Like narwhals.

Every industry is simultaneously strengthened and overwhelmed by the availability of data. It’s become the buzzword of growth consultants everywhere.

And rightfully so. Running a company without data is like stumbling around a dark room with a blindfold on while your competitors all have flashlights (or at least torches).

But we’re not here to build a better flashlight. We’re here to turn the lights on.

When we started Resplendent Data, we knew data could be done better. That it could be connected. Rather, that it HAD to be connected. Disconnected, orphaned data across dozens of apps, tools, and platforms is no good.

The most powerful business insights come from connected data.

So we set out to find a way to standardize data regardless of its origin and make it interoperable with any other data point. In real time. Because what good is connected data if it takes forever to get it? The world moves too fast to wait.

It seemed like an impossible task. Which just so happens to be our favorite kind of task.

Turning this into reality would be nothing short of magic. So we started thinking about magical things to represent our brand. Unicorns? Too overplayed. Magicians? Nah, we wanted to reveal our secrets. And then it hit us…

A narwhal. Genius.

So, you probably already know this… It turns out narwhals are actually real (Wikipedia link to prove it). Who knew? Not us in that moment.

We considered a rebrand for half a second. Here we are trying to send the message that what our platform does is magical and we picked a real creature. And then the second (or maybe the first) stroke of genius hit us…

Connected, actionable business intelligence data available in seconds seems like something that shouldn’t exist. Like narwhals. No way we’re going back to unicorns.

So while marine biology isn’t our strong suit, we have good news. Data interoperability is. And we’re making it easier and faster than ever to make better decisions to run and grow your business.

We’re Resplendent Data. It’s great to meet you.

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