There is No Typical Dashboard User

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Dan Martin

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Dashboards are increasingly becoming a tool for tactical and operational levels within the organization. Administrators, directors, technicians, managers and executives find dashboards helpful, but each department must be able to see the metrics relevant to itself, and individuals within the department must have secured access to the metrics they own.

Dashboards must, therefore, be deployed within a framework of relevance, roles, privileges and security. Simply put, each user with access to a dashboard will have permission to view metrics that he or she owns and will not be able to obtain/view information that is unauthorized for that individual.

Dashboards provide drilldown into details, enabling root-cause analysis. Such ready access to accurate and in-depth information far outperforms the reporting paradigm to which we have, until now, been accustomed.

Through our proven technology, ConnectSMART is making it easier to understand data. ConnectSMART offers easy-to-build, dynamic dashboards that create context for any user in your MSP, so they can draw real meaning from raw data.

With a clear definition of KPIs, businesses are empowering employees to optimize across various organizational objectives. The visibility of performance through dashboards allows everything to be out in the open, with employees working toward the same goals as management.

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