BrightGauge vs Klipfolio vs Resplendent Data

We’re here to discuss and analyze the best intelligence dashboards for your business, but it’s no secret … we’re going to say it’s us.

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Comparing BI dashboard tools

So you’re in the market for a BI dashboard tool. Which means you probably already know that the best dashboards will deliver data in a quick and easy-to-understand manner that allows your business to make effective decisions in real time. 

Additionally, most businesses operate with vast amounts of (primarily) useless or underwhelming data. The most effective and powerful BI dashboards will move your company out of the gunk of insufficient data into a world of resplendent data. *cough cough*

The more powerful your dashboards, the more accurate your operational and strategic decisions will be. 

Instead of manually compiling data spreadsheets, BI dashboards access, gather, analyze, and display data from functions across your business, creating opportunities to make more accurate decisions. 

What should you look for in a BI dashboard?

The best business intelligence tools utilize the data generated by the tools your company is already using and elevate it to an actionable and accurate point that drives your business forward.

That all sounds good, but what does that look like practically? Here are a few key markers to help you identify a BI dashboard tool that will positively impact your business. 

Accurate and reliable data

The usefulness of a BI dashboard is dependent on its ability to deliver the correct information to your company when it’s needed. But what good is data if it isn’t accurate every time?

You want to look for robust filtering options, data manipulation, and the ability to connect the data points you need. The most impactful dashboards deliver focused data to specific areas of your business on time and with immaculate accuracy. 

Easy-to-read and functional visualization

BI dashboards are useless if your business can’t read or access the data from the dashboard. Having an easy-to-read and functional display allows your company to utilize robust data in quick decision-making moments that accurately impact your company.

Real-time data

Your business intelligence is only as good as its most recent data. Without real-time access to data, your business is left guessing, making decisions based on past data rather than what’s happening now. 

With real-time access to data, everyone in your business can make the best decision at any moment. 

These are simply a few key features to look out for. Even if one factor is missing, the entire platform can be out of sync, leaving you wanting more. 

The best BI dashboard tools

Identifying the right partner to deliver the BI dashboard of your dreams can be difficult. So, let us do it for you by comparing a few companies that offer BI dashboards. 

SPOILER ALERT: We think we’re the best, but we’ll let you make the final call.

Resplendent Data 

Businesses today need more than business intelligence data. They need intelligent business intelligence data.

That’s where we come in. Our enhanced dashboards allow you to connect virtually any data source to deliver actionable data insights that you can view and understand. 


BrightGauge serves over 1,900 customers with dashboards, automated reporting, and goal management. BrightGauge helps businesses simplify their data through centralization and visualization. 


Klipfolio offers BI dashboards that make data analysis possible by connecting data sources and centralizing data across dashboards. Klipfolio allows your business to connect, visualize, share, and learn from your business data. 

They offer two options: Klipfolio PowerMetrics and Klipfolio Klips.

Feature Comparison

We worked to standard features across the platforms to paint a clear picture. We also didn’t shy away from the areas where others have better feature sets. We’re growing and we know we’ll get there. In the meantime, you deserve full transparency.

Resplendent Data



Pre-built Visualization
Pre-configured Widgets
Custom Charts



Not Yet

Customizable Widgets

Fully customizable

Customizable options


Refresh Rates

60 seconds (aka blazing fast)

5+ minutes

15+ minutes

Custom Visualization

Some customizable options

Custom Integrations

Custom and powerful filters, including “contains” and global filters

Dashboard specific filters



Eliminate duplicates, aggregate, round, order, and manipulate your data before it reaches the dashboard.




Coming Soon

Generic templates


Pre-built Integrations

15* (so far)



* It’s worth mentioning that 3 of these are direct database integrations that allow you to connect your own internal data sources.

Putting features to work

Finding the ideal BI dashboard for your company comes down to understanding how the product’s features impact your business. 

Resplendent Data offers features that hone in on delivering business data that drives growth. Our magical modifiers and filters allow you to connect, manipulate, and sync data points from different sources to produce the most impactful reporting for your needs. 

You control exactly what data points you see and where, ensuring you have what you need when you need it.

For example:

  • Users can modify and join ConnectWise datasets, allowing you to see project tickets in one widget. 
  • Shareable dashboard links allow members to view data insights without creating an account
  • Display external webpages on dashboards

These features are just a few of many that deliver solutions tailored specifically to your businesses’ needs. 


At the end of the day, having the best solution for your business shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. And paying a higher price for a less-than-ideal solution isn’t beneficial. You should expect the right solution to fit your practical needs and budget. 

Here’s a glance at the pricing for each solution. 


With four pricing options, Resplendent ensures your solution fits your budget. The lowest available option is a “free forever” plan that includes one user, one dashboard, ten widgets, and all the benefits of Resplendent Data. 

From there, Resplendent grows with your needs, offering options $69/month (The Basics), $249/month (Going Pro), and a custom pricing option that includes unlimited users, 500 dashboards, and more (Starship). 


BrightGauge offers three pricing packages with options to add additional features for an extra cost. Their lowest tier is the Standard Package, priced at $316/month; it includes two data sources, two administrators, unlimited dashboards, and unlimited reports (plus a $399 one-time fee for new users). 

Next is the Enterprise Package, starting at $436/month, which includes two data sources, three administrators, 25 snapshot gauges, public gauges, public dashboards, data mashups, calculated metrics, and unlimited reports and dashboards (a one-time $399 fee applies for new users). 

The most expensive package is the Enterprise + Package, priced at $616/month, which includes everything in the Enterprise package plus two additional data sources, 125 additional snapshot gauges, and three personalized training sessions. 

Additional data sources can be added for $98/month each, and additional admins for $29/month each. 


With three pricing packages, Klipfolio users can find a package that fits their needs. Their most basic package is free and includes 20 metrics, two users, a 30-day trial of their advanced analysis, a custom dashboard style, downloadable PDF reports, and published views. 

The next tier starts at $250/month; it includes unlimited metrics, ten users (add additional users for $10/month each), priority support, advanced analysis, custom dashboard styles, downloadable PDF reports, and published views.

The highest tier starts at $800/month with custom options, including unlimited metrics and users, access to advanced analysis, custom dashboards, downloadable PDF reports, published views, priority support, enterprise SSO, vendor assessment, and more. 


It’s not a secret that we prefer our dashboards to others on the market. Still, we deeply believe that the power of delivering quality data lies in the magic of allowing users to tailor their dashboards to their needs. 

Your business deserves better data that delivers magical results. With customizable dashboards, fast refresh rates, and the ability to connect virtually any data source, we aim to bring that magic to life. 

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